Outlet Project Roermond

Commissioned by Wijnen Installations in Eindhoven, we may deliver any special customized Ozone Blaster 24500 for the Project Outlet Roermond! Due to the Ozone Blaster odors are minimized effectively, the air ducts remain free from fungi and bacteria, but also provides...

Our Products

OZONE BLASTER kitchen air cleaning

Ozone Blaster is a professional, powerful ozone generator designed especially for treating kitchen ventilation systems and frying fumes to neutralize strong odors, kill mold spores and fight bacteria.

Nobel K-series kitchen fire suppression system

Firefighting and fire protection in professional kitchens. The K-Series offers unique capabilities in the full protection from kitchen fire in every field of food preparation and directly in the extraction hoods.

AIR OASIS Air purifying & ionisation

Air Oasis Counter-Top models (based on NASA technology) are especially developed for use in the office, living room or bedroom. Depending on the size of the area to be treated, there is a choice between various models.

AIR OASIS Induct UV air purification

The Air Oasis Nano HCT lamp (based on technology NASA) has been designed to be used in the piping system of any HVAC system. The lamp can be installed in both the inlet and the outlet side of the system.

Bi-Polar mounted unit for every HVAC & Air Conditioning

The Bi-Polar Plasma Cluster air cleaner is a small unit, of approximately the size of a mobile phone, which can be easily installed almost in every air conditioning unit. It reduces effectively and quickly allergens caused by fungi, bacteria and viruses and replaces these impurities for healthy fresh breathing air.

Odor elimination for hotelrooms, smoking areas and hospitality businesses

For larger areas up to 1000 m3 with odor problems there is the AO5000PRO. A fresh, odor-free and disinfected area, odor-free rooms and air ducts. Changes musty, smelly and smoky rooms into places where breathing is a pleasure.

Our recent projects

ACM Processed Air is distributor of

Ozone Blaster grease & odor reduction

ACM Processed Air is distributor of Ozone Blaster kitchen air cleaning

Nobel Fire Systems - K-serie

ACM Processed Air is distributor of Nobel Fire Systems kitchen fire suppression systems

Air Oasis - NASA Air Purifiers

ACM Processed Air is a distributor of Air Oasis / by NASA-developed air purification

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